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Today I spent the morning at another school. I learnt so much just watching experienced teachers and left on such a high! It will be by mission for the rest of this year to visit another school in my NQT time at least every second week.

I watched a year 4 maths lesson and it was great to see how choice could be offered within a fairly structured lesson. By giving them options (two in this case), this passed responsibility back to children for what they were doing, as it was their choice. More incentive to achieve. I have an observed lesson on Tuesday and would love to try it, but think it is something the children will need some experience at before being able to make good choices independently.

I then went into a the classroom of a totally inspirational teacher. A teacher I’d met at a TeachMeet recently. Just the way she interacted with her students was brilliant. I enjoyed being in her lesson! She used the Wii and a safari game to inspire and provide stimulus for a literacy lesson on diary writing. I liked the way she gave the ownership of writing the success criteria to the students via post-it notes. I also liked her mental starter for literacy to improve a sentence – done in the back of the literacy books. Children in the class were engaged and all worked silently and independently to complete the task. The plenary had children identifing WOW sentences in their own work and were offered the opportunity to self assess against SC before handing in.

Even the small things such as seeing how teachers organise their files, discussing projects, plans and lessons that worked and excited the children. I walked away with two great ideas for reading passports and some guided reading cues! And they were just cherries on the icing of having observed some inspired practice.

Interesting to look around and see how different people store the children’s exercise books in a classroom. I guess I won’t find the perfect answer straight away but need to find something that works for me and the children I’m with.

But as as starting point I took the things I didn’t like about my placement classrooms (piles of books toppling over, children strewing them across the floor as they look for their own and then walking away from the mess etc) and the things I did like (being able to find them easily and being able to tuck them neatly somewhere) and combined them with the practical aspects of two form entry teaching (streaming some core lessons for part of the week with books moving between two classrooms) and have hopefully found a solution.

So – one trip to Ikea, a few sets of plain cardboard magazine files (5 for