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Today I slowed the rollercoaster using a pinch of bravery and a dose of gut instinct.

I changed the order of the day around (TT only works 4 days a week, so have sneaky opportunity to do so). Picked apart Abacus plan the night before and prepared for my maths lesson, making a few quick Notebook slides to ensure it moved logically (for me at least!). It worked

Not quite sure which theme park my roller coaster belongs to. Mostly it seems to have been steady undulations, tiredness and a sense of overwhelming lack of knowledge forming the dips, with the odd high from a child

The first week is over already


Well inset day down… brain suitable overloaded with information … children are in tomorrow!

Classroom sort of ready and the excitement (and nerves) are building. My first full day as a real teacher! Last year it seemed a distant thought – but has very fast become a reality. Although not entirely sure it is that (the reality!). In my head I’ve planned hundreds of exciting lessons, yet when I sit down to do it for real – it takes forever! Ditto for the hundred exciting lessons I’ve taught in my head – they’ve all gone swimmingly, children have been engaged and learning all moved forward – the reality I know will be different. Note to self; mustn’t get frustrated or dwell on the ones that don’t go well, but must make notes, learn and move on!

So now that I’ve in a matter of ways spent most of the 6 weeks of my holiday getting ready for this – do I feel ready? What in hindsight would I do differently?

Yes, in many ways I feel ready. The MT planning is still not done, but these next two days are and I know by nature I will keep titivating the classroom given more time and it is time to stop doing that! Some of my MTP will be shaped by discussions I will have with the children over the next few days, and my focus for the next 7 teaching days is to get to know them, familiarise ourselves with routines and for everyone to settle in to belonging to the class. And I’m ready to do that.

But physically I’m not ready. I didn’t take enough of a break. The ulcers are lurking and I’m shattered – it feels like the end of term – not the beginning of a new one! Hard lesson to learn, in the excitement of a new job, my own classroom and desire to do best – I worked too hard over the summer! Next year I will go away to take myself away from the temptation of the computer and list of jobs and indulge in sun and reading. Another note to self: put a deposit on something so I am committed to doing it!

So – mustn’t let the tiredness detract from setting an exciting tone for the term. Bring it on!

Next post must be – list things I am going to focus on this year!