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On Friday I had the second meeting with the company we have decided to purchase our iPads from – Jigsaw24. Three hours of productive discussions – both exciting and scary in equal measure as the reality of what I have taken on starts to hit home. It is worth saying here that are also part […]


Well two days into the holidays so far and I have enjoyed a couple of days of meetings with interesting and inspirational people. It has been a good way to make the transition from the circle of teaching, marking and planning to the other things I want to do these holidays. I always thought my […]

Following Rethinking ICT I mulled for a while and then went back to the members of the Oxford ICT Advisory Group, of which I am a member, with a proposal. Today we met to thrash out the initial bones of a simple but useable interim ICT curriculum. A progressive skeleton on which schools and teachers […]

Some great debates at RethinkingICT today. Certainly some thought provoking presentations. My head certainly hurt by the end of it, and in many ways I wasn’t that much clearer about where we should be going or even want to be going with ICT (if that’s what it remains to be called!). So many ideas, so […]

I am prompted to write as a result of watching twitter discussions about Gove’s announcement relating to the new curriculum, more specifically the intention to include more grammar in the teaching of literacy. The purpose isn’t to debate about what is wrong or right about it (although I do have some views) but what it […]

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Today I had a great maths lesson. It felt good at the time. 30 children all engaged, learning new things, consolidating previously learned concepts and sharing their learning and helping others for an hour – and we then ran over an extra 6 minutes without a fuss! They worked so hard I was proud of […]

My class have always had a couple of ipod touches, a few macbook pros and an ipad to use on a daily basis but in the last week of term, following a successful bid to Oxfordshire County Council we took delivery of 30 ipod touches. The children knew they were coming (news received with squeals […]

Today I spent the morning at another school. I learnt so much just watching experienced teachers and left on such a high! It will be by mission for the rest of this year to visit another school in my NQT time at least every second week. I watched a year 4 maths lesson and it […]

Today I read through the evaluations the children had written about our last termly project/learning. One comment struck me particularly. It was in response to the question

Today I had a frustrating afternoon. We had another science investigation to do involving magnets and compasses. My lovely Wednesday team teacher and I had crash tested the equipment and basics of investigation earlier and the plan was to let groups of children loose with the instructions and all the equipment and see what happened.