About Me

I am a career-changer in my 3rd Year of FT teaching, having completed a GTP route to teaching.

So how did I get to this point?

An interest in children’s books, a degree in illustration, a move from NZ to the UK, post grad studies in visual communication, 15 years in the educational publishing industry, doctoral studies combining literacy education and design … before finally succumbing to the desire to actually be at the coalface rather than related at a distance. I have never worked so hard or found something so rewarding as teaching. I love the ability it gives me to be creative, inspire and to try new things – and the fact that no two days are the same. Boredom is certainly not in the job description.

The here and now.

My position is in a large two-form entry primary school. I have a class of 33 Year 4 students. I am passionate about handwriting, three-way educating (parent-teacher-child) and creative ICT in the classroom. As a lifelong mac user I am lucky to have a few mac book pros, imac, several ipads and 15 ipods in my classroom. We also have a Wii. Given other pressures on the job I am not as successful at integrating this tech as much as I would like but have made a concerted decision in 2012 to try harder!

For those of you who know about my handwriting interests, I will be starting to put resource ideas etc on this blog too!

So why the blog?

This is my second attempt at blogging. It is a great way to reflect on my classroom practice. At the beginning of each year I tell my class we are a greenhouse. The children are the seedlings, I am the gardener, and their parents and carers are the sun, rain and other elements that help plants to grow. I tell my parents my classroom is always open and my class blog has helped keep the walls of communication transparent. Despite some hiccups, it has mostly worked.

So hopefully this casts the transparent net a bit further and other practitioners may be able to both learn and help me improve through sharing teaching and learning practice.

If you find anything interesting or useful, please comment. I do like to hear from people.

All views included are my own and do not reflect policy of the primary school or Local Authority for whom I work.

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