Ubersense and PE .. or dance…

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Played with a new app today. Ubersense. It is a trainer app for fitness coaches but used in a PE lesson could be really powerful. I used it in gymnastics and when combined with our large all screen and airplay it really showed lots of potential. The ability to quickly video children doing something, and replay it back in slow motion gave them a good understanding of the skill they were  learning. Re-videoing them later in the session and playing both videos back side by side allows them to see the progress they have made.

Essentially the app is a repository for video, with the ability to play it at various slow motion speeds as well as annotate with hand drawn images or shapes, it also has the ability to compare two videos side by side or even on top of one another. Great when teaching a specific skill such as forward rolls, a particular throw or stroke – or even a turn/move in dance.

Even better it is free – have a play!

Ubersense-Coach Photo 04-02-2013 16 09 22 Photo 04-02-2013 15 49 20

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