Building our Schools App Library for Free

Filed Under (1:1 Deployment, iPad Learning, iPads) by on 10-10-2012

Apps can be costly. Even 69p x a few add up. Multiply that by 160 and it adds up more alarmingly. Many developers don’t release a LITE version, so it is difficult to evaluate or try before you buy. (A longer rant due on this – publishers (both traditional and software) will almost always let educational establishments try products on approval for 30 days, imperative when looking at a £500+ spend – when VPP comes in proper I think App developers have to look at ways of allowing schools to evaluate before buying in bulk)

So to date I had relied on looking at what other schools had been using, via twitter. blogs and internet searches.

Then I stumbled on Apps Gone Free – an app that lets you know of apps that are free for a limited time or even just the day. I’m sure it is only one of many such products, but in a couple of weeks of following, we have acquired more than £20 worth of apps per device – for free.

A lot of it is not applicable, I won’t go into my criteria for an acceptable app here, but if you are selective you can pick up some gems. The thing I like most about it, is that it puts apps that you might not otherwise consider into you consciousness – or even your hand… and allow you to use them creatively  in ways that the developer had probably not intended!

So far we’ve loved Scrap It! (was £0.59), Lost Winds – for Literacy (was £2.99), Ice Age Story Book (was £0.59), Minature Cam (was £0.59), Fox Tube (was £1.79), Pic Caption (was £0.59), Colour Vacumn (was (£0.59) and templates for Pages (was £2.99)

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