iPad Learning – What worked last week

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 AB Math App

We’ve been using AB Maths as a warm up, it allows plenty of self differentiation as children enter the maths class. The twist at the end is a game of “Beat the Teacher.” Children choose their target times table and have 80 seconds to get as many answers correct as possible. I try and do all xTT – so far I haven’t won so more practice required! But if they get more than 25 correct in the time, they can achieve a target step.

Dance – PE – You Tube and Apple TV
We are doing dance as part of our indoor PE. I have linked it to our habitat topic and our objective is to create a dance exploring plant growth and the garden as a habitat. Now we have the large screen in the hall I have been using it to show both examples of dance (Royal Ballets Peter and the Wolf), plant growth (slow motion of time lapse plant growth) and animals movements (in normal and slow speed). This immediacy has helped the children’s interpretations of movement as well as provided examples and inspiration. However where it has come into it’s own is as a self and peer assessment tool. I have videoed groups as they have practiced and then played them back immediately. I have found children are far more interested in watching themselves on film than just being asked to critique another group of peers, this self-critical analysis then appears to transfer more eloquently onto their peers. Whole group work is far easier to evaluate on film than just from experiencing it. Progress is made more quickly within a lesson.

 iPads on Tour
Well not quite but we did take 10 on a trip to Kew gardens. Adult leaders used these to photograph and note take throughout the trip. I found the Notability app really useful, I could take photos directly in the app and add captions. I could handwrite and record audio. When I got back I emailed it and shared it with the children who then wrote setting descriptions of the location we stopped in to record language. We then also used the notes from the workshop to explain how plants had adapted to different habitats. All photographs were put into our class Dropbox folder and children have had access to these for subsequent activities. There is definitely mileage for an app that works closely with iBooks Author and allows the building of 4d notes/books on the go.
Here is an example of the trip notes Kew Gardens NW Group 3 – 3 Oct 2012

I’ll reflect and write on what didn’t work later…

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