1:1 iPad Deployment – Meeting 2

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On Friday I had the second meeting with the company we have decided to purchase our iPads from – Jigsaw24. Three hours of productive discussions – both exciting and scary in equal measure as the reality of what I have taken on starts to hit home.

It is worth saying here that are also part of Jigsaw24’s e7 program – a free trial of 40 ipads put into a school for a full (long) term. There are terms and conditions – you can read more about this program here. However, having decided during the course of last term we wanted to trial a 1:1, this for us is less about the hardware and more making the most of the free support and advice. We will be able to purchase the actual 40 we have on loan at the end of the trial which is great news. So far I am impressed.

The objectives for yesterdays meeting were to finalise the order, map out the deployment plan and decide on the set up procedure of the iPads. As we progressed through the discussions it became clearer that we had three different mini-projects each requiring a slightly different deployment solution. I have outlined these below;

Staff iPads – x19
18 x Wifi
1 x 3G to be used as a ‘floating’ device, taken on school trips etc
The primary aim of these is as a staff tool to give staff the opportunity to familarise themselves with the device, engage and use it regularly in the classroom, learning from the the staff using them on the 1:1 program and being able to practice using the additional class sets.
There will be some specific things (register, LP and some assessment/evidence data we also want them to collect using the device – but more about that later).
I am giving staff the ownership of these, it will be their responsibility to set up, charge, and sync these devices. A list of required apps will be given along with an ITunes gift voucher to purchase paid apps with. Gifting will be used to push out additional apps. Support will be offered where necessary.
The primary purpose of this was I really want the staff to engage with the device, this deployment option enables them to retain ownership for any apps they purchase as well as transfer any existing apps they own onto their school device. We all learn from a transference of information and I want my staff to be in a position to find and try out additional things that work and share it back in rather than me be the only one pushing out suggestions.

Class Devices x 48
48 x Wifi iPad2’s
(Pockets of 8 with a charge trolley in each year group – R-Y6)
The purpose of 8 is so they can be used for a Guided Reading group or paired with another year groups set to have one between two.
These will be set up on a more manual basis using two iTunes accounts, a primary credit card account which gifts multiple licences to the account linked to the devices. Syncing, updating and pushing out of new apps will be done via the Cloud. As these are more generic devices, movement of work to and from devices will be done via Dropbox and device email.

1:1 Trial
70 x 1:1 iPad2’s
Each child in Year 4 will have their ‘own’ device funded by the school. These will stay in school until half term and following parental meetings, training and agreements in place they will go home for the rest of the year. This has implications for charging, I do not want to spend

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