Feedback from children

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Today I read through the evaluations the children had written about our last termly project/learning.

One comment struck me particularly. It was in response to the question “What would you do differently?” the answer: It wasn’t fun (he’d crossed out boring) because we didn’t move around enough.

More surprisingly this comment came from a very able child who will interact well with whatever type of lesson I lead. It had never occurred to me that

Surely all classroom time has to involve a fair proportion of sitting? And I think I’m pretty good at finding inspiring lesson ideas and involving as much hands on learning as possible. I try whenever possible to stick to a 10minute carpet rule. So it got me reflecting as to what I might have done ‘wrong’ and could do improve or do differently next time. How can I include children’s views more in my planning? I always ask them what they know and what they would like to know – and cover off the areas within the topic. But I don’t ask them HOW they want to learn.

I need to think of ways to do that and continue to find even more solutions that engage and deviate from the carpet, stand and teach, independent work, plenary pattern.


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