New Year – realisations and resolutions!

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Well I’m not sure I did too well at blogging in the first 3 months. Time (lack of) was a big factor, but I think I also became afraid of posting, thinking it had to be notable and worthy of sharing on twitter, and that kind of froze my confidence!

However I really regretted not having kept up a stream of regular posts when I came to fill out my first NQT assessment point forms in December. I realised that had I maintained regular posts the blog would have acted as a fantastic evidence file of all I had achieved and done so far. (Mental note to self – must also set up a more efficient system of checking C-standards off before next week!)

2011 is going to be my year of confidence – finding it again and believing in it so it will stay! It has been a shock to realise that the events of the last few years have silently eroded confidence and self-belief as well as a bubbly outgoing personality away.

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  1.   Nikki Says:

    Good to see you back! If you do change your Twitter name please let us know your new name so we can keep in touch!


  2.   emmaldawson Says:

    Hi Nicki, glad to see you back! I totally understand where you are coming from with the whole blogging/twitter thing. I love both and find them amazingly helpful but both make me feel inadequate as a teacher on a regular basis and do tend to hold back so I think I need to join you in your resolutions and be more confident and post about the small things too.

    I hope you decide to come back to twitter too as I really enjoy chatting with you 🙂

    Emma (squiggle7)


  3.   Becky Searls Says:

    Hi there!
    Stumbled upon your blog via twitter & just thought I’d stop to comment – I think that for me, the mot valuable thing about using twitter as a educator has been the opportunity to see that all of us teachers have these lapses in confidence & that it isn’t at all odd- I still get nervous each say before I walk in to teach my first class of the day; I still have certain classes & students & situations that make me sweat without reason and make me anxious- and I’m in my 4th year in the profession! Its very comforting to read and talk with others in the profession who feel & act the same way 5,10, or even 20 years later. You are not alone!

    Happy new year- hope you are able to feel more self-assured in 2011!



  4.   Becky Searls Says:

    PS I’m @beckyjoy on twitter


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