10 things I wish I’d known a year ago!

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Be yourself. As hard as it is not to become a clone of the teacher with whom you are on practice with you need to steal the good things, ditch the bad and find yourself in the middle!

Have confidence. You were chosen for the course for a reason! Looking and listening to many experienced teachers can be disheartening and overwhelming, as you feel there is so much still to learn. There is

3 Responses to “10 things I wish I’d known a year ago!”

  1.   Primary_NQT Says:

    And I know that is more than 10!!! I didn’t count!


  2.   Laura_987 Says:

    Brilliant post – thank you!


  3.   @creativeedu Says:

    Great post – it’s really nice to hear a positive and forward thinking view from someone starting out on teaching rather than just hearing about the more difficult days. Onwards and upwards!


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