10 things I wish I’d known a year ago!

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Be yourself. As hard as it is not to become a clone of the teacher with whom you are on practice with you need to steal the good things, ditch the bad and find yourself in the middle!

Have confidence. You were chosen for the course for a reason! Looking and listening to many experienced teachers can be disheartening and overwhelming, as you feel there is so much still to learn. There is… but best done in small steps!

Take risks but be able to substantiate them. The first time I used Myst and moved the tables around (aka Tim Rylands) the teacher with whom I was teaching said she had been teaching 17 years and her room was designed so everyone could always see the IWB and stomped around for the rest of the morning. But the buzz from 30 excited children and the subsequent writing results were worth being able to explain that it was done that way for a reason.

Don’t reinvent the wheel! Been there done it – spent hours planning a 10min mental oral starter or a weekend on a 60minute observed lesson. The best I ever taught took the bones of someone elses planning and tweaked it.

Blogging creates global citizens. Look at lots of examples and decide which bits suit you before you create your own.

Love Wallwisher. Children do to.

Create a twitter PLN – its scary at first. I thought I had nothing to contribute, especially with so many far more experienced teachers around. But people are so helpful. When the going gets tough there is always someone out there to offer an encouraging word or another idea to try. Would never have thought I would have found a HT in the far reaches of Scotland who is fast becoming the most amazing online virtual mentor! (no pressure Fiona – HUGE thank you!!) …. all via blogging and twitter!

Remember to thank for the info, help and RTs! Politeness online seems to account for a lot.

Nothing will ever feel ‘right’ until you get your own class but if you dish out bags of enthusiasm children will generally come along for the ride.

Admit mistakes. Children love it when they realise you are learning too! Couple with very firm fairness and I’ve found they don’t take advantage.

I always remind myself – and one of the best things about this profession… is that every day is different – and everyday is a new day. Children are amazingly forgiving. Reflect, learn, adapt and move on! No time for festering!

For all we live in the 21st century and a world of fast moving tech –  READ real books too! Nothing captures a child’s imagination than a well written, well read book. Use picture books ALL the way up through primary education – no matter what anyone says about them being babyish past Year 3. Its bollocks!

Read Alan McLeans “Motivating every Learner” most inspiring book I’ve read in the last 18 months. Teachers Toolkit a close second for dipping in and out of.

Have patience. None of us could run confidently before we could walk!


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  1.   Primary_NQT Says:

    And I know that is more than 10!!! I didn’t count!


  2.   Laura_987 Says:

    Brilliant post – thank you!


  3.   @creativeedu Says:

    Great post – it’s really nice to hear a positive and forward thinking view from someone starting out on teaching rather than just hearing about the more difficult days. Onwards and upwards!


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