Sharks and collaborative learning – reflecting on the first week

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The first week is over already

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  1.   Fiona Johnson Says:

    Being a reflective teacher is so important. This will help you to focus on the experience the children are having in class. I thinks it’s brilliant that you have already discovered that you don’t need to stick to your lesson plan. Sometimes just looking at the children’s faces in the morning totally changes your approach. Keep listening for the word ‘boring’ it’s the one children use to tell you what you’re doing isn’t working. They are much better at evaluating your lesson than any adult!
    I’m teaching my son this year – yikes!- and he has already told me that I’m quite good but I talk too much and that wastes time!

    So take on board what the kids say and keep trying to get them active, if they haven’t experienced this type of learning before it will take them a little while. Too many worksheets & textbooks cause passive learning and children learn very quickly to shut down instead of actively taking part in the learning process.

    Good luck for next week! 🙂


  2.   mrsdavies Says:

    Nice post! We’re doing something a bit similar in the first week. We’re “Learning about Learning” so the children have to make a mini lesson plan and teach something to another child :o)

    Glad you enjoyed the first two days so much, yay!


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